As a resident of Boulder Junction you will receive the following benefits:

1. Resident EcoPass - The EcoPass is an annual transit pass provided by RTD that gives you unlimited access to all local, regional, and light rail services throughout the Boulder and Denver region. 

2. Boulder B-cycle Membership - Boulder B-cycle is a non-profit bikesharing system operating in Boulder. There are several stations located within Boulder Junction. As a resident, you receive a special discount on a B-cycle Membership. Contact your property manager to receive your discount code or visit Boulder B-cycle for more info. 

3. Free Boulder Junction Bikes for Boulder Junction residents and employees located at Boulder Commons.

4. eGo Carshare Membership - eGo Carshare is a local non-profit for short-term car rentals. There is one eGo car located in the RTD parking lot under the Depot Square apartments at Boulder Junction. As a resident, you receive a special discount on an eGo membership. Contact your property manager for your discount code or visit eGo for more info. 

5. EcoPass Extra - The EcoPass Extra program gives you discounts at certain businesses and restaurants around Boulder. Visit the EcoPass Extra website for a full list of participating vendors. 

Are you a resident and want to receive your benefits? Talk to your property manager or contact us directly from the "Contact" page on this site.